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Our Approach Approach

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Brand with The Publicity Hub

Premier Access

Secure spots in top-tier publications and high-profile news outlets like USA Today, Forbes, and MORE!

Expertise in Action

With years of experience and hundreds of published articles, you can assure that we will provide a comprehensive and tailored approach.

Boost Your Notability

Our social media and Google consulting ensures you stand out in your niche.

Driven by Visionaries

Founded by a dynamic power duo with an innovative approach to public relations and social media maintenance.

Our Process

Listen .

We don’t just hear; we truly listen. We absorb every detail and make sure your story is understood in its entirety.

Plan .

It’s not about random content; it’s about strategic moves. We craft a strategy that perfectly aligns with the vision for your brand.

Craft .

We want your message to cut through the noise. Our team meticulously creates content that resonates, engages, and leaves an impact.

Deliver .

We don’t stop at creation; we ensure visibility. With us, you’re not just published; you’re recognized, celebrated, and known!

Our Services Services

Gain unparalleled visibility and credibility for your brand through our custom-tailored new stories published in the most prestigious and reputable online sites like Forbes, Maxim, USA Today, and more.

Our stories allow you to refine your brand's public image through Google search. Our stories appear on the first page, so others can read exactly what you want them to. Our social media strategies further enhance your online presence and solidify your reputation.

Are you someone who is consistently targeted? Reclaim and preserve control over your social media accounts. We enable you to capitalize on your online presence for continued financial success.

Safeguard your brand's integrity. In the face of reputation threats, we proactively combat any harmful impact, ensuring that your public image remains untarnished. We do this through a combination of public statements and approved press releases.

Empowering digital visions through advanced web development, our agency pioneers cutting-edge technologies and expert methodologies. We specialize in crafting dynamic, interactive web solutions, leveraging robust frontend frameworks, intricate backend systems, and seamless API integrations. Our focus on security, performance optimization, and DevOps ensures top-tier applications. With a commitment to innovation, we bring ideas to life with precision and expertise.

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Our Team Team

Hanna Shanar.

Founder | CEO

Hanna Shanar is a third-year medical student and a best-selling author. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, he earned his undergraduate degree in biology from a private university, a connection that remained important throughout his career. In 2021, Hanna published his breakthrough work, A Search for Truth, a 115-page treatise that sought to bridge the gap between science and religion. The book achieved best-seller status and was endorsed by his undergraduate alma mater. Beyond his literary contributions, Hanna is an influential voice, frequently contributing to Entrepreneur magazine. His articles often focus on the financial benefits of investing in higher education, a reflection of his staunch advocacy for reducing educational disparities. Hanna has honed his skills to become exceptionally adept at monetizing his knowledge, presence, and talent. Over time, this has allowed him to establish a robust network with other fiercely talented influencers. His aptitude for business strategy and his insights into the public relations industry have made him a sought-after contributor and a respected figure in his field.


Kazumi .

Co-Founder | CMO

Kazumi, a dynamic 25-year-old model born in Kuwait, adult content creator, and influential figure, has left an indelible mark on the realm of social media. Recognized by Forbes as a social media guru, she has harnessed her unique approaches to build an unwavering community of dedicated followers. Across multiple social media platforms, Kazumi utilizes her influence to share her message, leaving a memorable impact through her witty meme creation, unparalleled content, and unhinged marketing strategies. With ambitious aspirations to walk runways, author a book, and deliver a TED Talk, Kazumi represents her multifaceted nature and continuously inspires others with her distinctive style. Kazumi's legacy continues to leave an enduring imprint on the ever-evolving world of social media.


Natalie Ziadeh .

Co-Founder | CMO

Natalie Ziadeh is a professional in the realm of psychology, holding a Bachelor of Science and a Masters in Psychology with a specialized concentration in Applied Behavioral Analysis. Her profound understanding of human behaviors and cognitive patterns has made her not only an expert in her field but also an invaluable asset to our team. After completing her master's degree, Natalie pursued and achieved a master's certificate, solidifying her expertise further. Following this, she sat for and passed the Behavior Analyst board exam. With this accomplishment, she became a Board Certified Behavioral Analyst, a testament to her dedication and mastery in understanding and analyzing human behavior. Leveraging her deep understanding of human behavior, Natalie consults on marketing strategies, providing key insights into consumer behaviors. Her unique expertise bridges the gap between psychology and effective brand marketing.


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