Ama Styling

Who are the Ama?

Ama, or “sea women” in Japanese, are a community of brave and skilled female Japanese freedivers who search the ocean for pearls. Here, at Ama Styling, we will embark on a journey of self-discovery deep into our subconscious where hidden talent, personality traits, aesthetic taste, and so much more exist. Each of us have undiscovered pearls waiting to be found if only we are willing to take the dive.

About Us

Hi, I’m Sunanda Gaskins and my passion is for personal styling, self awareness, and authenticity! I studied at the London College of Style and graduated with distinction. My passion for style began as a young girl and has never left me through all the various iterations of my life so far. Personal style has been a versatile and ever present opportunity to express myself through every chapter of my life. My mission is to empower you to know yourself fully and offer a guiding hand in bravely expressing an authentic picture of who you are to the world.

Virgo - The Edit

The Edit allows you to pick and choose what is and isn’t working for you and revamp your wardrobe without completely starting from scratch. Sunanda will work with you to select new pieces that go with your wardrobe and let go of what isn’t working anymore.

Sagittarius - The Expansion

Know what you like and just want more of it? Choose The Expansion to work with us to embellish and flesh out your wardrobe without lifting a finger. The Expansion is available online or in-person.

Scorpio - The Transformation

The deep dive. The complete package. The shadow work special. Come to understand yourself in an entirely new light and let yourself be known not only to yourself but to the world. The Transformation includes a parts work session and a complete wardrobe makeover. Over the span of three online or in-person meetings, Sunanda will guide you through the entire experience with an ever gentle, ever forward-moving touch.

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